No Room For Fools

by Wilderness

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Music recorded at BloQ Estudis (Barcelona) by Aleix Archs and Jordi Mas "Toti". Vocals recorded at Aqueron Studios by Héctor Baeza (St. Boi de Llobregat, Marianao.) Drums recorded by Arnau Piqué. Gang Vocals and pianos recorded at La Lyonesa (Terrassa).
Mastered at Audiosiege Sonic Engineering by Brad Boatright (Portland, Oregon, USA).


released May 4, 2015

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All rights reserved, Wilderness 2015



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Wilderness Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Bleak and Cold
I give this part of me
Bury me slowly
in this womb
I can hold close
it seems to be
blaming myself
but she never spoke
I wait silent in the shadows
but your name intrigues me
I've seen every flaw you’ve made
Holding a dead bloom so my time's
been nearly gone
I'm drifting again
I can only fear this glaring hell
in my deepest breath
Down in a hole around me
but your name intrigues me
this sudden realization
is grieving me
over and over again
Track Name: Declivity
Wait for me to learn this
I lost my fate
I have to wait
to suffocate this
I can breathe again
I watch this melting down
Everything in her darkest words
Hopeless words, for hopeless nights
For every time I lost my light
I give my hand, I give my will
I'm fading fast in a trail of mist
Waiting on your grave
I'm the blame all over again
If I had to die
There's one way I would
Suffering a hell inside me
What I have become is black.
I've become accustomed to the lies
What I wish again
In a devoid road
that ends the same way
I renounce,
Life's a cruel claw
So why wait
I renounce,
Life's a cruel claw
And it's where my heart belong
Hopeless words, for hopeless nights
For every time I lost my light
I give my hand, I give my will
I'm fading fast in a trail of mist
Track Name: Sleep
Someone has sown the street
and locked me in silence
I'm just spinning in closed circles
I saw him pointing the depth
and her face lays nameless
Our legacy, our ruin
A life, empty
We were born within these walls,
But it was you.
This day long death
The faceless void
Is all I'll never change.
Track Name: D.E.A.D.M.A.N.E.L.S.
Suffering in silence
Condemned this mind
to stay the same
we were, we are
we will be
Track Name: Pale Horse
He has gone too far
Blaming myself
Bare the instinct
Count the lines.
There's a man who's words
could free you onto your chains.
But this depth fails to reveal
the reality he lives.
The convicts and the snakes
are all holding the sin
They pray 'hell is other heaven'
and at their feet
they'll cast their thoughts.

Never will-bow down
before the weight of any grave.
Every soul won't be treated all the same.

There's a man sat on him,
and hell followed him,
behold a pale horse that reveals
the path to follow.
Track Name: Voidness
Storm kicks in
Steps of death enter in
while I was here
Cast aside
Your eyes tear at my mind
trying to blind my fate
I'd give the life for you
to fill my void
closed in my way
I'll savour this one last day,
tearing at my head
Still half asleep with a broken dream
in a frown to reside the night
I'm in alleged perception of void
that keeps me leaving out all, even myself.
This was where I waited anyone
This was where I sinned again
Every fucking day
Maybe I could forget and walk
and understand I'm still tied
To this deep
As If I wasn't whispering these words
among these late steps to the sin.
Track Name: Violent Lapse
If everything would sink again,
about as subtle as an boast,
If everyone repairs in me,
there's no way I would
to pull through.
Just inf forwards
waiting for a call
the lost ask for a hand
to keep me in a violent lapse
I couldn't make it all out,
If I had a thousand ways
I'd wish a thousand more,
no matter what it costs.
Track Name: Solitary Soul
Falling rage, shining eyes
A burned out sin, a hole covered with lies
Rising blame, broken mind
Closing the end of all blackened life
Until my mind fits my torn thought
in a road as black as the sky above
I'm heading down a darkened hole
She gets inside the loops without fear
counting things next to my ear
I can't grasp it, it's paranoid
We're too cold, to feel anything
This night is only a weakness
This game is a giant web
of thoughts in other tongues
The only thing I know to remain this night
I bend my knee to no man
Feeling lonesome when I'm with her
and it makes me feel that it’s sad
It never changes, every night feels like the end
I'm only a whisper of a solitary soul.
Track Name: Anatomy Of Melancholy
I've watched you from a distance,
I can feel it close, down in me,
in the end of the nook
No second failure
forgotten names
the reaction of misspent
another solitude left to sink
If only you know my intentions
seize your time, to find me
I can feel, down in me,
in the end of the nook.